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Be Certain Not to Commit This particular Blunder When it Comes to Parma Tow Truck Insurance!

Archie Wallaby has been a tow truck driver for two decades. He has not ever been issued a fine, safety violation, or accident since he decided to start operating a tow truck for a living.

Before this month, Archie has been considerably swamped with almost no downtime.

He needs to have some vacation time to relax so he makes the decision to permit his cousin Sparky to cover a few weeks’ worth of towing for him, despite knowing that Sparky is young and has not had very much training, on-the-job or otherwise.

Sparky racks up a slew of driving infringements in a surprisingly short period. Archie’s policy provider terminates his business auto policy because of all the safety infringements Sparky accrued.

After of the cancellation, Archie talks to an independent insurance agent in hopes of finding a new insurance company willing to cover him. The broker finds a business able to cover him, and yet the new policy will probably amount to double the price he was coughing up previously!

He fills out the new policy and generates the down payment, anyway, due to the fact that he has no choice.

Alas, Archie still receives a cancellation note from his new insurance company. As evidence, the insurance firm cites his unsatisfactory safety infringement history.

Archie speak to nearly a dozen other insurance professionals, yet not a soul is able to provide insurance coverage for his enterprise. Archie is actually left no choice but to dissolve his business, sell off his tow truck, and go to work for somebody else’s enterprise.

Don’t make Archie’s mistake! Always vet your drivers and never allow an unqualified driver to operate your covered vehicles.

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