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What Challenges Do You Face When Shopping for Auto Insurance in Ohio?

The very first challenge is deciding what company is best for your personal needs. There are more than 500 different insurance companies offering auto insurance in the state of Ohio.

We might believe shopping for auto insurance based on the price you pay should be the principal motivating factor. Should the insurer offering cheap auto insurance in Ohio be the company that earns your business?

Taking this approach could cause yourself financial harm as you may assume there is no difference between insurance companies based on the coverage they provide, or their ability to handle any claims you may have in a satisfactory way.

Let’s discuss both issues.

Ohio Auto Insurance Policies May Not Be Identical!

The biggest mistake insurance buyers make when shopping for insurance is assuming all policies are identical in coverage.

For example you may purchase a policy from one auto insurance company that includes the same limits of liability, and the same deductibles, yet the claim results may turn out very differently.

One company may reject an insurance claim another company pays!

How Claim Results Can Differ between Companies?

There are two ways claim results can differ between companies. The first is based on what is covered or excluded in the insuring agreement with an individual insurance company. The insuring agreement is the legal contract between you and the insurance company.

The insuring agreement specifies what is covered and not covered by their insurance policy.

Most insurance buyers wrongly assume coverage is identical between companies. Yet insurance companies are allowed to place terms and conditions, and exclusions of coverage that may not necessarily be similar with other companies.

One company can provide coverage for certain type of claim, while another company can exclude or deny that claim unless it is ruled to be against public policy!

Because of the hidden differences in coverage between insurance companies it is vitally important for those shopping for auto insurance in Ohio to read the insuring agreement before purchasing a new policy.

Failing to take this step could mean you inadvertently replaced one insurance policy that provided the coverage you needed with one vastly inferior that leaves you unprotected.

Second Way Auto Insurance Claims Can Differ?

Just as there are no universal standards for what should be covered by the Ohio auto insurance policy, there are no standards for claim satisfaction between companies.

Some insurance companies have a good claims reputation while other companies have made the proverbial top 10 worst insurance companies list for claim satisfaction.

How can you check the claims reputation of your insurance company or a company you are considering changing to?

The departments of insurance in all 50 states provide statistical data on complaints filed against insurance companies. You can review complaint ratio information for Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana by clicking on the links listed.

You can also check the claims reputation of individual insurance companies by visiting the Better Business Bureau, the Rip Off Report (type in the name of the company you are reviewing) and many other review sites or you can simply Google: (name of insurance company) and add claims reputation.

You may be shocked to learn of the vast number of poor reviews by some of the most visible companies advertising on television by their policyholders! 

How Can We Help You?

As an independent insurance agency we have the ability to shop the market for the best coverage being offered by our insurance partners. If you receive a rate increase with one of our carriers and you are not satisfied with that increase we can shop the market for you to determine if lower pricing is available elsewhere.

Unlike some of our competitors we place the relationship with our policyholders in first place by providing superior services you will not find with any other company or agency in Ohio.

We offer the Pathway Protection Letter, the Pathway Coverage Checklist, the Pathway Claims Advocacy Program, and the Pathway Re-Shopping Service.

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