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Tow Truck Insurance Owensboro Kentucky – Scenario Recap

In our previous entry we discussed how fault is determined in an accident.

While attention is paid to the eye witness accounts of the parties involved in the accident, more credibility is afforded to the official police report for obvious reasons.

Perhaps more important when determining fault, though, is physical evidence at the scene of the accident. Let’s talk more about that now.

Owensboro Tow Truck Insurance – Yomama Towing Part 16

The scene of the accident is a bit of a mess.

Shattered glass and scraps of metal litter the road, emanating from the site of the impact.

Viewing the two vehicles involved, it can clearly be seen that the smaller tow truck had run head-first into Danny’s tow truck’s passenger side, though at an angle.

Danny’s side view mirror and passenger door were completely crushed by the impact. The other tow truck’s front end and engine housing crumpled into itself like tinfoil.

The tire marks left on the pavement seem to corroborate Danny’s story that he veered to the right and then again to the left when the other driver mirrored his first turn.

What other sorts of things do claims investigators look at to determine the facts in a claim? Find out next time in part 17.

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