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Tow Truck Insurance Louisville Kentucky  РYomama Towing Part 10

In Part 9, Danny illustrated for Veronica how he wound up engaged in a deadly game of chicken with another tow truck driver. He and the other driver were racing directly toward each other, and Danny was determined not to be the one to turn away first.

Things got far too close even for Danny, though, and at the last moment he turned away. Unfortunately, the other driver turned the same way at the same time.

Let’s find out what happened next.

“So we both turned off course, but we were still heading right for each other,” Danny recapped. “I managed to turn just enough to avoid a head-on collision, so instead of smashing into my front-end he smashed into the passenger side of my truck.”

Veronica continued to shoot daggers at Danny with her eyes. He gulped and went on.

“The impact shook me pretty good, and it certainly put a scratch or two into the side of the truck…”

“That’s a bit of an understatement,” Veronica interjected quickly, remembering the extent of the damage to her tow truck. It wasn’t totaled, true, but it was still going to be expensive to repair it.

“Well, yeah, but you should have seen the other guy’s truck!” responded Danny, trying to recover some ground. “We may have both been driving wreckers, but mine was bigger.”

Danny chuckled a bit, trying to lighten Veronica’s mood.

It didn’t lighten her mood.

Find out the extent of the damage next week.

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