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Tow Truck Insurance Lexington Kentucky  РScenario Recap

In our previous article, Danny Fusco elaborated on the outcome of the collision. He described how the front end of the other tow truck driver’s tow truck looked like an accordion afterward.

Veronica remarked on how expensive the damage was likely to be.

What was the extent of the damage costs? Let’s find out.

Lexington Ky Tow Truck Insurance – Yomama Towing Part 12

“Danny,” Veronica said calmly but firmly. “Would you like to know how much the repairs to the tow truck are going to cost?”

Danny lowered his eyes sheepishly, realizing that his dramatic re-telling of the story had not persuaded her that he was entirely blameless for the event.

“How much?” he asked quietly, still looking away.

“Fred Stone estimates something in the neighborhood of $22,000,” she tells him, referring to her conversation with the owner of the junk yard where the tow truck is currently being held.

Danny lowers his eyes a bit further.

“And that’s just the cost of your truck,” she adds.

Could Veronica be on the hook for the damage to the other driver’s truck, as well? Find out next time.

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