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The language of an Ohio Tow Truck Insurance policy can at times seem verbose, confusing, and unintuitive; some events that one might expect not to be covered by the policy are in fact covered, and still other events one would expect to be covered nonetheless are not.

Furthermore, the reasoning behind the often high costs of Tow Truck Insurance in Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo,  and throughout the state are not always clear.

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In Our Last Article…

Zeke’s boss Jesse and Robby’s former boss Frank both received letters from their respective commercial insurance providers.

In both instances, the letters stated that the commercial insurance providers would not be providing coverage for the damage to the tow trucks.

Why? Let’s find out.

Dayton Oh Tow Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 20

To answer the question of why Zeke and Robby’s mishap is not covered, we have to look at the policy language and exclusions detailed in their boss’ companies’ Ohio Trucking Insurance policies.

The following is a snippet pulled from Zeke’s employer’s policy. Robby’s employer’s policy contains something very similar.

Exclusion: Racing Covered “autos” while used in any professional or organized racing or demolition contest or stunting activity, or while practicing for such contest or activity. This insurance also does not apply while that covered “auto” is being prepared for such a contest or activity.

As can be seen here, most business auto insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for any damage sustained during or in preparation for races, demolition contests, or stunts.

Zeke and Robby’s tractor pull-like contest is easily interpreted as just such a stunt and is therefore excluded from the policy’s coverage.

Check in next week for the conclusion of this coverage scenario.

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