Tow Truck Insurance Columbus Ohio

Want Better Rates and Coverage on Columbus Ohio Tow Truck Insurance?

Tow Truck Insurance Columbus Ohio

Attention towing business owners and tow truck operators: do you want better rates and coverage on Tow Truck Insurance in Columbus Oh?

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you are overpaying for your Columbus Oh Tow Truck Insurance?

Do you want to find out what the best combination of rates and coverage available in your area are but do not know how best to go about finding out that information?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then stick around because Pathway Insurance Services is the agency you’ve been looking for.

At Pathway Insurance, we can shop the insurance marketplace to find you the most affordable premiums currently on offer for the Ohio Commercial Auto Insurance you need.

To get started with some free quotes from top Commercial Trucking Insurance companies, give us a call toll-free at 800-998-0662 today.

You can also get in touch with use by accessing our online chat application. Just click on chat widget in the bottom-right corner of this web page to leave us a message and a licensed agent will respond.

If you’ve found us after hours, consider submitting your info for free quotes via our online quote request form.

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In Our Last Article…

In our previous article, which you can read here: Tow Truck Insurance Columbus Ohio, Robby and Zeke agree to settle their little argument over which of their tow trucks is best by holding a contest.

Zeke proposed that the two meet at Chunk’s Junk Yard the next day to put their tow trucks to the test in some kind of towing-related task.

The loser, Zeke proclaimed, will be required to buy lunch afterward.

Tow Truck Insurance Columbus Oh Coverage Scenario Part 3

The following afternoon, Robby shows up at Chunk’s Junk Yard at the agreed-upon spot and waits.

After several minutes of waiting, he starts to worry that Zeke was just putting him on and the whole thing was a big joke being played at Robby’s expense.

Then, just as Robby was about to get back into his truck, Zeke rounds the corner and pulls up next to Robby’s tow truck.

As Zeke hops out of his vehicle, Robby asks, “so what’s your plan? How do you propose we test these puppies?”

Zeke points at the shell of an old, rusted pickup truck about 30 yards away.

“See that old Ford F150 pickup?” Zeke asks. “That’s how we’re going to test them.”

What does Zeke have planned? Find out in Part 4.

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