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Did you know that you may be able to find much lower rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Cincinnati Oh than what you are paying now?

That’s because an independent agency like Pathway Insurance has the ability to search the Ohio Commercial Truck Insurance market and zero in on the very best rates and insurance protection currently being offered.

So, naturally, if we find a company offering a better price on Cincinnati Tow Truck Insurance than what you’re currently paying, and provided that you qualify, we can set you up with a new policy that takes advantage of the lower rates!

Sound good?

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In Our Last Article…

In part 3, Zeke and Robby arrived to meet each other the next day at Chunk’s Junk Yard.

Robby inquired as to how Zeke planned for the two of them to put their tow trucks to the test.

Zeke pointed out an old, tireless, rusted-out Ford F150.

Tow Truck Insurance Cincinnati Oh – Coverage Scenario Part 4

Zeke walks over to the rusty old pickup and slaps its hood with his hand.

“This old thing weighs a ton and has no tires,” he explains. “I propose we each take a turn attaching our hooks to it and seeing how fast we can tow it from here…”

He uses the heel of his boot to draw a long line in the sand just in front of the old pickup. He then jogs thirty yards away and creates another line with his boot.

“…to here,” he continues. He then pulls a stop watch out of his coat pocket. “Whoever can pull it from line A to line B the fastest wins. The man with the slower time buys me a delicious steak and cheese hoagie for lunch afterward.” He grins at his own joke. “Do we agree on the terms?” he adds.

“Agreed,” answers Robby. “Except for the part where I buy you a steak and cheese hoagie because, in reality, you’re going to be buying me two hot slices of Angelo’s New York Style pizza.”

“If we’re agreed on the terms, then let’s shake on it,” Zeke says, holding out his hand.

Robby grabs Zeke’s hand and shakes.

Next time, we witness the start of the contest in Part 5.

Better Rates on Tow Truck Insurance in Cincinnati Ohio Are Available!

If you’re searching for better rates on Cincinnati Tow Truck Insurance then your search is over.

Call us at 800-998-0662 during normal business hours or click below to fill out an online form to request free quotes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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