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In Our Last Article…

In our most recent article, it was Zeke’s turn to inform his boss Jesse that his tow truck had been utterly destroyed due to Robby and his shenanigans.

In stark contrast to Robby’s boss, Frank, who flew off the handle and screamed into the phone at Robby, Zeke’s boss simply told him that she was disappointed in him and hung up.

Tow Truck Insurance Akron Oh – Coverage Scenario Part 16

“Wait a minute,” exclaims Robby after both had finished their phone calls. “That’s all she said?”

Zeke nods his head.

“Lucky,” says Robby, bitterly.

Meanwhile, Robby and Zeke’s respective bosses, Frank and Jesse, file insurance claims for the incident with their commercial auto insurance providers.

The insurance companies make arrangements to have a claims investigators come out to assess the damage and provide estimates.

In the meantime, both towing companies send tow trucks to, ironically, come pick up Robby and Zeke’s damaged tow trucks.

Naturally, their fellow tow truck drivers tease them to no end for the mess they’ve gotten themselves into.

In a future entry the claims investigators will produce estimates of the damage costs associated with the beaten-up tow trucks.

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